Answering Your Questions About Pro Line Ltd.

Anytime you like, we will ship your first order within 3 business days of receipt of payment and you will receive an email with the tracking info as a confirmation of your order.

We ship directly from our facility so we would ship on whatever week of the month you started your subscription. We always send a confirmation notice with your tracking #. The anticipation of its arrival is half the fun.

ProLine Ltd. has been providing quality shears to the Grooming and Beauty Industry since 2004. All our shears are 440C, 61 rch, and forged “not cast”. 440 C is the industry benchmark of alloy for shears. 61rch is the tempering or hardness of the steel softer and the edge will not hold harder and the edge will chip. The fact that all of Pro Lines shears are forged is that we were sharpeners before we sold shears and forged shears can be bent and shaped by our Blade Smith adding to their useful life and overall performance.

ProLine does its own order fulfillment and no order goes out without being inspected by one of our Blade Smiths for fit and finish.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. We do ask that you give us 10 business days’ notice that you wish to cancel and we must confirm your request by email before we stop the subscription.

Yes, you will. It will be based on the used portion of your subscription at either $50 or $55/ month. ie a 12-month prepaid subscription $550 less 7 months sent @$50/month you would receive a $200 credit to your means of payment.

As long as you are a US resident and a Shear of the Month Club member, your S&H is free.

We must charge sales tax for those orders originating in NJ. At this time all other sales taxes are the responsibility of the customer. The other S&H surcharge for Canada $16 and other Countries is $30/ shipment, the recipient is responsible for all taxes and tariffs.

Yes, there are 3.

  1. “The Ooops Warrant” Muscle memory is a big part of the craft of grooming. When you use the same shears, your hand is used to picking it up when you try a different style sometimes you fumble for the first few days. We are here to help if you drop your shear and nick it in the first 30 days just send it back and we will repair it for free, SMC members get free return shipping a $12.95 value.
  2. All ProLine shears are warranted for the life of the shear against defect. We will repair or replace any ProLine shear as long as it has been exclusively maintained by a Pro Line Blade Smith. Again return S&H is free to SMC member’s a $12.95 value.
  3. Our return policy is simple: Any shear you purchase can be returned for a full credit towards the purchase of any other items on our website. *SMC shears are excluded from this return policy.