Sharpening Services

Keeping Your Cutting Equipment Razor-Sharp

Joe Coladarci started sharpening in 1984, and now with 37 years of experience, we hope you will use the box that your SMC shear came in and the paperwork we provided to try our sharpening service.

We only sharpen for the beauty and grooming industry. We sharpen beveled edge shears, convex/hollow ground shears, A2 and A5 clipper blades, and Lister blades. We also rebuild Wahl 5-in-1 blades.



Shear Sharpening

Beveled Edge Shears and Thinners

  • Straight – $15
  • Curved – $18

Convex Shears and Thinners

  • Straight – $20
  • Curved – $23

Blade Sharpening

  • A2 and A5 Blades – $6.50
  • Lister Blades – $7.50
  • Wahl 5-in-1 Rebuilt – $14

We will provide a three-part sharpening invoice With your SMC package.

Please keep the pink copy as your receipt and send the other two with your order, or you can print a copy of the invoice.

Whenever sending shears and blades, please be careful to pack them so they don’t rattle— “If they shake they break”.

We will also provide you with a pre-printed label. Just fill in your return address and send your order to us.

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Shear Sharpening

There is no additional charge for screws, bumpers, or missing finger rests. When you ask us to sharpen a shear, we do our best to restore it to its original condition. Some shears cannot be restored. If we are unhappy with the outcome of our sharpening efforts, we will deduct the item from your invoice and suggest you retire the tool.

Blade Sharpening

There is no additional charge for screws, sockets, springs, or glides. We do, however, charge for the replacement of A2 and A5 cutting blades: it is $3 for steel and $4.50 for ceramic cutting blades. If there are any missing teeth on the comb blade, we will still sharpen but will return with a red warning label. You may want to use these with a set of combs.

Shear of the Month Club members receive free shipping with $200 of insurance with each sharpening order. All others will be billed $12.95 S&H. All New Jersey customers are subject to sales tax. Sales tax is payable by customers in any other jurisdiction. S&H charges increase by $16 on all orders sent to Canada.