Giving You Access to Our Complete Tool Selection

ProLine Ltd. is pleased to offer to you our Shear of the Month Club. SMC was created to introduce our line of fine styling shears to you. We hope you will sign up and get started sampling our full line of fine tools.

As an SMC member, you will also receive other valuable perks:

  1. 25% discount on all Pro Line Ltd. product purchases from our website
  2. Free shipping on all Pro Line Ltd. purchases, savings of $12.95
  3. Free return shipping on all sharpening orders, savings of $12.95

How It Works

As an SMC member, we select one of our shears for you. “It’s kind of a surprise,” we hope you love it.* But if you don’t, you can always give it to a friend!

All Pro Line Ltd. shears are warrantied for the life of the shear against defect.**

We hope you will enjoy our selection for you each month and will consider purchasing other items from the same style number. That’s where the 25% saving will really kick in, so take a look at all the items we have available for you at our store.